PEN Transmissions is English PEN’s magazine for international and translated voices. PEN’s members are the backbone of our work, helping us to support international literature, campaign for writers at risk, and advocate for the freedom to write and read. If you are able, please consider becoming an English PEN member and joining our community of over 1,000 readers and writers. Join now.

PEN Transmissions looks to amplify the voices of writers from around the world, championing diversities of expression, perspective, identity and story. It looks to put side-by-side the broadest possible set of voices on international literature. Over the coming weeks, we’re pleased to be solely publishing work by black women writers, each with a diversity of experience and perspective – part of an ongoing commitment to publishing black voices, and an ongoing recognition that black voices write to differing ends, from differing standpoints.

English PEN campaigns for the freedom to read and the freedom to write; for these truly to be freedoms, they must be equal freedoms for all. In order for the ideal of equity of expression to be advanced, individuals, platforms and organisations must use what faculty they have to combat inequity wherever it exists. I hope for PEN Transmissions to be a space of free and equitable expression, and a space for the frank exploration of urgent, charged, evolving conversations. I hope readers will enjoy these pieces, and join our continuing interrogation of the ideal of literary freedom and equity.

– Will Forrester, Editor.

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